Maple Honey Dijon Roasted Veggies
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This delicious Maple Honey Dijon Roasted Veggies originally came from Perfectly Imperfect Produce’s blog The Ugly Food Makeover.  Since I only had a tablespoon of dijon mustard, I substituted a tablespoon with honey dijon mustard.  I actually liked the subtle hint … Read More

Southwest Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
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I don’t know about you but breakfast can get pretty boring these days. And, while I have plenty of greens and frozen berries in my fridge, some mornings I find myself unwilling to make a smoothie. So, inspired by a … Read More

Favorite Buckle Booties (All Under $85)
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    These buckle booties are so cool, so edgy, and so versatile.  Here are my latest picks for a killer buckle bootie: SEVEN DIALS PENELOPE WESTERN BOOTIE – $49.98 INDIGO RD. YASMINA WESTERN BOOTIE – $59.99 COCONUTS GETTY BOOTIE – $69.99 DOLCE … Read More

Dainty Personalized Jewelry
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  I purchased jewelry from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy for myself and my two daughters.  I bought necklaces, well 13 inch necklaces – so more like chokers, with their names on them.  They are so adorable and inexpensive!  So, I … Read More

Top Protein Powder Picks
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So I am a true junkie of protein powder.  For one its easy to get your protein in this way because its just more convenient than whipping up some chicken breasts.  Throw either of these in a blender with with … Read More

Lemon Chicken Quinoa Soup
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  This Lemon Chicken Quinoa Soup is quick, easy, and so flavorful! Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts 4 cups chicken broth 2 – 3 cups cooked quinoa 1 cup celery chopped 1 cup onion chopped 1 cup carrots chopped 1 clove … Read More

How to Rock Valentine’s Day Without Looking Cheezzzzy
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Get yourself a cool, pink hoodie like this one with some black leggings or ripped jeans and some hi-top tennies. This sweatshirt from Anabela’s is just $28.50.   But, if you want to go all brand-name on us, you could … Read More

Love Real Food – Cookbook Review
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I few years back after reading The China Study and watching documentaries like Food Inc.,  I swore off meat….well, chicken, red beef and pork.  I had to draw the line at fish – I love me some salmon :).  In … Read More

Lo-Carb, Lo-Cal Pain Killer Cocktail
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With the snow and cold weather here to stay for a while, we thought we’d play pretend and update the very first cocktail we posted at Nearly All Things – the Lo-Cal Pain Killer Cocktail is even more lo-carb and … Read More

Cauliflower Bone Broth Soup
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If you are like us, you may be following a stricter eating plan this month.  Cue the cauliflower.  Well, as you probably have realized by now, we love our soups at Nearly All Things.  The problem is that we are … Read More

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