Watermelon Slushie
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These delicious watermelon slushies will be great for the 4th!  We’re including a spicy, non-slushie option too in case you like to spice things up like us.  If you want these to look like the picture above, we recommend using … Read More

Skinny Lo Mein Noodles
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This month, I have agreed to go vegan with my almost-16-year-old son.  I’ll be posting about the experience in July, but for now, all you need to know is that I am constantly on a quest for a meal that … Read More

Activewear That’s White Hot!
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Lighten up people!  Lighten up your activewear and your attitude with all these fun pieces from Forever21.  

Summer Reads
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Three Summer Book Picks Looking for a book to read this summer?  Here are three top picks showcasing four very different women and the tough choices they must make when faced with adversity.       Where the Crawdads Sing A … Read More

White Tennis Shoes
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White sneakers will go with just about anything this summer; a dress, pants, shorts, you name it. These are great for traveling too!  Here are Ash’s top 4 picks to wear this summer. ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY COURT BOOST SHOES … Read More

Unique Gift Ideas for Dad
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Ted’s Famous Augusta Pimento Dip Now you can have the official pimento dip of Augusta from the Masters shipped to your door.  Green bag included! No Masters ticket purchase necessary!  At $59 – this may just be the most expensive … Read More

Hair Jewelry Craze
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Find some fun ways to wear your hair this summer and add some fun clips or cool hair jewelry! You can get many of these hair accessories at Vici Collection, but we also added some Pinterest inspired clips, combs, and … Read More

Why You Should Watch Brené Brown: The Call to Courage Next on Netflix
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The other day I stumbled upon the Netflix movie Brené Brown: The Call to Courage.  I vaguely remembered watching an inspiring Ted Talk by Brené Brown so I was intrigued and pressed play. Sooooo glad I did. Dr. Brené Brown is a … Read More

Exercise ADD? Here’s an App for You!
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Enjoy trying different classes or keeping it interesting by mixing it up throughout your week?  With the ClassPass app, you can take a more flexible approach to workout classes.  With one membership to Class Pass, you can access a ton … Read More

Breakfast Margarita
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This may sound crazy, but stick with us. This Breakfast Margarita is a cocktail with protein!  Some of you out there may be counting your macros and finding it hard to get adequate protein by the end of the day … Read More

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