How to Rock Valentine’s Day Without Looking Cheezzzzy

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Get yourself a cool, pink hoodie like this one with some black leggings or ripped jeans and some hi-top tennies. This sweatshirt from Anabela’s is just $28.50.

Hip Valentine's Day Outfit
Drop Shoulder Hooded Sweatshirt With Kangaroo Pocket – $28.50

But, if you want to go all brand-name on us, you could always go with a Champion sweatshirt and pay double the price:

Champion pink hoodie
Champion Life® Women’s Reverse Weave® Pullover Hood, C logo – $60

Or, just add a cute embroidered hat:

Embroidered Heart Baseball Cap
Embroidered Heart Baseball Cap – $13.09

You could also just go with a little heart sweater – I kinda dig this whole outfit!
Black and White Valentine's Day Outfit
Here’s another option:

Women's Heart Pattern Printed Loose Knitted Sweater
Women’s Heart Pattern Printed Loose Knitted Sweater – $19.99

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