Meet Ashlee

Fashion designer and owner of Oakie&b – a women and girls clothing line.  I also have a Sports Medicine degree as well as my Aestheticians license.  Yes, a wide range of knowledge!  I have experience in exercise, aesthetics/make-up and love of all fashion.  This helps me bring you all kinds of cool information. 

I love trying new products, finding killer clothes (at a deal of course) and new workouts.  I for sure have exercise ADD.  I also love all kinds of healthy food (well most of the time) and a little unhealthy (sometimes or…more than I’ll admit).  I guess I’ll add that I like to drink and mix drinks while we are on the subject of unhealthy (but oh so fun).  So, I look forward to sharing all the crazy things I find out there in this awesome world we live in.


Meet Libby

Web developer & Owner of Fallz Media a digital media company.  Web developer by day and contributing editor to Nearly All Things by night ( well truth be told I do most work on the blog in the morning over a cup of coffee while the kids get ready for school ;))

Besides web design and social media marketing, I am an avid reader, and understand the importance of running and working out for my sanity (my family can attest to this).  A student at  heart, I love researching new things like health trends or natural products that actually work.  I also enjoy finding new places to go,  trying new recipes (mostly healthy), and enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail. These are my specialities and is what I’ll be focusing on to share with you all.

Meet Libby of Nearly All Things

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