Creamy Pesto Yum

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Creamy Pesto Yummy Pasta

My recipe for the creamiest, most delish pesto.  Put it in a pasta salad (as shown), on your avocado toast, on some crusty bread or just use as a marinade.  It’s so good you will find ways to use it.  It is so simple, you don’t even have to measure it out, just throw together in your blender, magic bullet or food processor.

One bunch of basil 🌿 
One handful of cashews 
Fresh parmigiana cheese 🧀  pinch or 3
Fresh garlic- I buy the frozen pods
Olive 🫒 oil maybe 1/4 cup
Salt 🧂 pepper to taste
Blend until creamy.  If you don’t have enough liquid to blend add a touch more oil or just a smidge of water.  I add water so it’s not oily.
Blend it up again, taste add what’s missing.  
Go on now try it.  I was literally eating it out of the blender it was so good enjoy 😉

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