Beauty Product Junky Gift Guide

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Here’s a list of great gift ideas for those product junkies on your list!

Brow Lamination, yup its a thing! I got my girls this Brow Lamination Kit which is your own eyebrow kit for home.  I’m planning to be like all those Tik Tok girls over break. – $17.99

Now on to those lashes –  Here is a Lash Lift Kit by Iconsign which includes professional eyelash lash extensions, lash lifts, lash curling, semi-permanent curling, and semi-permanent curling wave.  I mean who doesn’t want dark curled lashes? Well.. my teen girls do and I bet just about any girl on the planet does, probably a few guys out there too.  Lets go!!!
Ok, so this Maybelline Brow Tattoo Tint is legit and I mean it.  I have it in the darkest color.  It really lasts about three days.  So if you pencil in your brows, this is a must buy.  Just paint it on let it dry and peel.  Boom!  INSANE!
My girls go through these Miracle Patches like crazy.  They claim they work on their pimples.  If it makes them feel better about them, then this little sticker is worth it.  Nobody likes pimples right?
These eye Lumify eye drops makes the whites of your eyes super white.  After I use this, my eyes look so much better.  Perfect for the holidays after you have had a night of drinking and need to appear clear eyed the next day.  
I love this product and I’m about to spill some secrets (DO NOT JUDGE ME). I use this daily in my water.  We all are a little out of balance with our electrolytes to begin with, unless you are so super good with your water but even then.  So I think this Ultima Replenisher for no calories is the perfect solution.  Here is the secret, it cures a hangover and……….. you can use it as a mixer in your cocktail to prevent a hangover.  No judgment ok!  Just get some already.
For those of us who do a little aging, this little number has helped my skin a lot.  Glymed Plus increases elasticity and reduces fine lines.  Start off using this  every other day until your skin adjusts.  I now use this daily.  Its a serum not a moisturizer.
I also use GlymedPlus Anti-Aging Exfoliant Masque product 2-3 times a week to remove the dead skin cells.  I love how my skin feels after.

Have you all heard of the product line Skinceuticals?  This serum is one of the best out there.  Anyway, it’s pricey. I found a knockoff of one of their most coveted serums (Advanced Skin Care).  You can thank me later.  

 Give the gift of these great beauty products to someone you love – maybe even yourself ;).  I promise, they won’t disappoint.
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