Exercise ADD? Here’s an App for You!

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Enjoy trying different classes or keeping it interesting by mixing it up throughout your week?  With the ClassPass app, you can take a more flexible approach to workout classes.  With one membership to Class Pass, you can access a ton of workout classes and studios in your area with one membership.  With the app, you can sign up for classes at participating studios, no extra accounts or log-ins are needed.  Ashlee and I signed-up and went to Title Boxing yesterday.  Check out the video on Instagram.  Best yet?  The first month is free – so what do you have to lose, right?  


In addition to flexible classes locally, you can also work out when you’re traveling in any of the ClassPass 50 cities.  Or, if going to a class won’t work one day, stream one of the 100+ online workout videos.  And for a fun twist, you can connect with your friends in the app to plan classes together.  


So, give it a try – Click here for your first free month.


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