Watermelon Slushie

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Watermelon Slushi

These delicious watermelon slushies will be great for the 4th!  We’re including a spicy, non-slushie option too in case you like to spice things up like us.  If you want these to look like the picture above, we recommend using fresh watermelon.  But, if you’re pressed for time,  Trader Joes has a Watermelon Cucumber Cooler that works just as well.  The end result will be quite a bit lighter though and you won’t have these cute watermelon wedges.  You decide…

Watermelon Slushies (serves 2)


3 Cups of Watermelon 

1 – 2 tsp Lime (depends on your lime preference)

1/2 Cup Lime Bubbly

1 handful of ice

2- 4 oz vodka 


Mix, blend and enjoy!

If slushies aren’t your thing, then we recommend throwing the ice in and not blending.  In the photo below I used Trader Joe’s watermelon cooler and added some jalapeños for some added spice.  As you’ll notice the color turns into a light, muddled pink – but the flavor is still great!

Try these and let us know what you think.  Happy 4th to everyone!

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