Tropical Smoothie
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This beautiful, creamy smoothie is perfect to get you thinking about someplace tropical.  We recommend throwing in a fun straw, closing your eyes, and let your mind wander for a while! The coconut in this smoothie is not only great … Read More

Shaved Brussels Sprout and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad
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This Shaved Brussels Sprout and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad is going to be a new regular dish in our household (and I just made it last night! ).  It’s relatively easy with the exception of chopping the brussels sprouts and … Read More

A Sweet Treat for Your Little Elves
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The perfect mini treat for you or those little elves in your house that want something every night like mine! They are back and better this time around!  A little bigger, a little richer, and all for the same price!  … Read More

Chocolate Coconut Cold Brew Iced Coffee Drink
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After a not-so-great night of sleep, this Coconut Cold Brew Iced Coffee Concentrate helped make the perfect pick-me-up, afternoon treat. I’m more of a coffee purist in the mornings, but this afternoon, I went so far as to add a … Read More

Get the Benefits of Maca in This Delicious Smoothie
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  Last week, on a search for recipes with maca powder, I found this “Hormone Balancing Almond, Maca & Cinnamon Smoothie” on Pinterest posted by Wallflower Kitchen.  I made it and am excited to share it!  I feel like my hormones were out of … Read More