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1.  The Fjallraven Kanken laptop bags are expensive but long lasting.  Go black or grey for your teen.
2. The Hyrdoflask with straw is pricey but my teens use it everyday.  White or black seem to be the top choice, but I like pink.
3.  What teen doesn’t love a hoodie?  These North Face Half Dome Hoodies come in tons of colors but white with black seem to be the top pick. 
4.  I’m showing you these Nike joggers because they are HOT, HOT, HOT this year –  but good luck finding them. They are sold out everywhere.  If you get lucky enough to find them – let us know!
5. Govee LED Lights are a great gift idea.   My daughter got these and they are so fun.  You can make your own color, I mean how cool is that.
6.  Nike Air Force 1s are another big hit this Christmas!  You gotta go all white on these.
7.  I’m obsessed with this idea.  This WensLTD Hotsale for Apple AirPods case has a carabiner and earphone strap so your teens don’t lose their AirPods.  My girls are getting these – shhhh!  Great for snowboarding. Plus kind of cute.
8.  If you allow one big item each year – AirPods are a good choice.  Expensive, yes – but they will definitely get their use!  
9.  Fuzzy Zip Pullovers. Ok, I can’t figure out this trend,  but its what they are all wearing. I’m seeing it so much I’m about to get one too. (kidding). I say, find an inexpensive one because I’m not sure how long this trend will last.  I’m pretty sure the fabric is all the same for most – so go cheap but CUTE.
10.  How many of your kids carry their giant blankets around?  Ours do! This oversized blanket sweatshirt is awesome and hands free.  Great for a teen gift exchange too 😉
11.  My girls are into concert tee’s even if they don’t know the band Emoji!  So just try it – type the band you want them to wear on amazon and see if it comes up.  It will be cheaper this way – trust me.
12. These Colorstreet Nail stickers are too cool.  You can check out the full story on our blog but its real polish not stickers and they are awesome! Pick up a few for your girls. Great stocking stuffers.
13.  Okay, this may seem like a shameless plug.  The truth is I do sell the Maskcara products, however I LOVE THEM.  I highly recommend them.  Use the link and get 2 things for your tween:
#1 the Bella bronzer and brush combo, it is simply the best for you or your girl.  And, #2 The Tres Leches Milk Skin Care System, hands down amazing for all skin types.  I could go on about this entire line but these are must haves.
14.  I also love Lashboost.  My girls are lash junkies (goes well with our next idea). This stuff is amazing.  It works and they love it.  You will too!  Yes, it is expensive but its a gift that can be used for up to 6 months.

15.  Perfect, right?  If you have teens like ours, their lashes have become an obsession.  I have to get this #lastJunkie tee for her.

16.  My girls are all about their rooms this Christmas.  Let them pick out some fun pillows or artwork with a HomeGoods Gift Certificate. They’ll thank you for it.
Ok, so there you have it some of our top ideas.  Enjoy!  Please refer to the beauty Christmas list for more beauty ideas for your teen girl and you.  Happy shopping!
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  1. Melissa

    Great post! What line are the Nike Joggers?

    • libby.young

      If you are looking on a desktop, they are in row 2, we refer to them as number 4. Does that answer your question?

      Thanks for following!

      • Melissa

        Sorry I meant what line as in what kind – I think I found that they are the NWS line. The link didn’t work when I tried it but I think I found them. Thanks!!

  2. Joelle Mintz Snavely

    I just ordered the sweatshirt and lights – thanks!!