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I tried out these Colorstreet nail polish stickers and they did not disappoint!  They were easy to get on and easy to get off!  They have a lot of great colors and designs to choose from too.  And yes, it is actually nail polish – comes right off with nail polish remover.  If I can do it myself, then you all can too!  Check out our Instagram page to see how they turned out on my nails.

Colorstreet nails
Colorstreet nails
Colorstreet nails

The stickers last for about 2 weeks and are taken off with regular nail polish remover.  Looks and works like a gel – but $20 cheaper and easy to remove.   The only one that was a little tricky was the French Manicure.  It requires some patience.  The others were much easier to apply – crazy simple which is what I liked. Try it and let us know what you think.  Purchase here.

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