Workout Pants that ROCK

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These are just a few of the many cool workout pants by Noli Yoga.  I have a couple of pairs and plan to add more to my collection.  They are forward thinking with their color and styles and the fabric is lightweight without giving up the ability to suck us in.
I dare you to step out of the comfort zone of your plain ol’ black workout pants and give something a Little Rock ‘n Roll a try. You can thanks us later for all the compliments you’ll get!
Rebel Leggings:  I mean are you kidding me?  These are so rock n roll! That’s why they are called Rebel leggings.

Noli Rebel Legging
Noli Rebel Leggings


Liquid Leggings:  So, I have these Liquid leggings and love them!  They might scare a few of you but really they are super cool on.  A bit Sandra D from Grease!
Noli Liquid Legging
Noli Liquid Leggings

Combat Leggings: What is not to love about these guys?  Who does not like a little camo?  And, the stars just amp it up!

Noli Combat Legging
Noli Combat Legging

Serpent Leggings:  These are perfectly named Serpent.  I see these in my near future.

Noli Serpent Leggings
Noli Serpent Leggings

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  1. Lisa Jane

    Will have to try- just bought a Noli workout tank- amazing quality, especially for the price!