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I’m super into electrolyte drinks and I love this lime one I just bought.  I may even use it to make a margarita.  What a concept drinking alcohol with an electrolyte water to balance out dehydrating alcohol.

This bathing suit for the price was a gem of a find.
For whatever reason North Face backpacks are the thing for teens.  Made my life easy by ordering it on amazon 
Ok so this product is all over Instagram, well at least with bloggers I watch.  So I had to try it out!  Love love love it.  On clean skin apply to face and neck, let sit and then rub.  It exfoliates and makes skin feel fresh.
I have purchased at least 3-4 pairs of these.  They are literally a knock off of the lululemon shorts for a fraction of the price
This is a cool car gadget.  It charged my phone and holds it up so nicely.
pencil skirt
This faux suede skirt is super cute.  Bought for my 13 year old and she looks so cute in it.  Bought the xxs!
Ordered this for my daughter she is in love and I am jealous and need one too.
This snake skin number came and it’s soft as can be and has a flattering cut.  Can’t go wrong for the price and it comes in many colors
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