Cool Finds for the Week

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Aroma Diffusion Machine

I mean, I want my house to smell amazing all the time!  This aroma diffuser is used at many high end hotels to create the perfect ambience.  You can mount it to your wall or have it sit flat on a surface in your home.  The diffuser can fill up to 2000 sq. ft. Oils should last up to one month. There are a ton of aromas to choose from including sun and sand, fresh linen, vanilla bean.   I say go with cinnamon roll or vanilla cake 🍰 !

Self Tan Drops

These are pricey but will last a long time!  Who doesn’t want to wake up with a fabulous glowing tan?  Just add these to your existing skincare lotion, serum, or oil  “No streaks, no smells, no drama”.  

MAM Jewelry

I can’t handle how frickin’ cool these are!!!  This is from the Barcelonian company MAM (M for movement, A for art, M for mission) – an ethical fashion brand that will be coming to New York and Los Angeles soon!

cuban link choker with bezeled diamond

I know it’s a lot, but you will have it forever and it’s so different.  Plus, the layering possibilities are endless.

I tried to find something similar for cheap and found this.  A great option for your teen???

I need to stop meme
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