Makeup Essentials for Mom

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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and like many of us you may still be considering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day…or maybe you need to send this post to a husband who notoriously forgets (wink, wink).  In any case, here are our top picks for makeup gifts for mom – perfect for a little gift bundle.

1) Bella Bundle by Maskcara Beauty

I honestly can’t say enough great things about this bronzer and brush set.  You are missing out if you don’t buy it!  It works on everyone, easy to apply and the brush can be used for so many other things in your make-up bag. Not to mention it’s almost summer and all of us moms deserve a little tan!

Bella Bundle - $40
Bella Bundle - $40

2) Butter london stroke of wow roll on precision eyeliner

I wasn’t sure about this liner, but man it works well. It totally lasts and is easy to roll right on.  Also perfect for those of you who suffer from eyeliner that runs.

butter LONDON Stroke of Wow Roll On Precision Liner - $19

3) Stay Outside Setting Spray with SPF

Speaking of having your makeup last, you won’t regret this product. It sets makeup so it lasts all day but even better it has an SPF of 35!  Even if you don’t use it for setting make up, it’s a genius way to apply your sunscreen.  If you have kids, just spritz this bad boy on them, no rubbing or spray can in their face.  It smells divine –  just like coconuts.

Stay Outside Setting Spray with SPF - $29
Stay Outside Setting Spray with SPF - $29

4) Manuka Latte Lip Balm by OY-L

I’ve tried my share of lip balm and this is a product I just love.  I use it daily before I apply lipstick.  It has a slight coffee flavor which is amazing, but also with manuka honey and essential oil this lip balm keeps your lips moisturized all day.

Manuka Latte Lip Balm - $14
Manuka Latte Lip Balm - $14

5) Restore brush cleaner cotton candy

This brush cleaner is the bomb, guys its smells like cotton candy, cleans brushes instantly and doesn’t break down the glue in them so you don’t get brush hairs stuck to your face!!

make up for mom Restore Brush Cleaner Cotton Candy - $28
Restore Brush Cleaner Cotton Candy - $28

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