Fun Fall Finds

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Feel like your fall wardrobe is lacking something?  Here are my top picks for fun fall finds from Forever21 that are sure to get your wardrobe back in style.

  1. Loving this Fleece Plaid Sweatshirt!  It’s just a fun twist to a plain black one and is in my cart as we speak!
Fleece Tartan Plaid Sweatshirt
Fleece Tartan Plaid Sweatshirt

2. Plaid scarfs are so fun.  Pair them with a leopard print for a hip look.

Plaid Flannel Oblong Scarf- $14.90

3.  This longline cardigan is the perfect sweater.  It looks cool while keeping you cozy.  This chestnut color is awesome!

Brushed Knit Open-Front Longline Cardigan
Brushed Knit Open-Front Longline Cardigan – $44.90

4.  If you know me then you know I love a good hat!  This cabby hat is so cute and at a great price point too.

Woven Cabby Hat
Woven Cabby Hat – $12.90

5.  We all need a zip-up hoodie – without a doubt.

Longline Zip-Up Hoodie
Longline Zip-Up Hoodie – $27.90

6.  What can I say about this striped high-low shirt? Loving it!

Striped High-Low Shirt
Striped High-Low Shirt

7.  This Shaggy Faux Fur coat is too much fun!

Shaggy Faux Fur Coat
Shaggy Faux Fur Coat –

8.  Black or white?   Don’t care – love both of these!

Cutout Open-Shoulder Sweatshirt
Cutout Open-Shoulder Sweatshirt – $17.90

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