5 Shows to Binge Watch this Fall

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We know, we know, fall is a busy time for everyone.  But, if you have some time in the evenings or on the weekends, here are five shows we feel are worth binge-watching.

  1.  Ozark on Netflix.  The second season is out and it is well worth the watch.  I mean, do we need to say anything more than Justin Bateman?

2.  Atypical on Netflix.  If you liked reading The Rosie Project, you’ll love Atypical.  This heartfelt drama revolves around a highly functional autistic son.   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love it!  This family will get you begging for a second season.
Atypical on Netflix 3.  A Million Little Things on ABC.  Another heartfelt drama (we couldn’t resist).  This one will get you thinking about the value of friendship and what’s truly important in life.   Way to go ABC!
A Million Little Things
4.  The Night Of on HBO.  If you liked the podcast Serial, this is the show for you.  This compelling, fictional mystery series (that won five Emmys) is about a Pakistani-American college student that has been implicated in a NYC murder.  Did he do it?  You tell us.
The Night Of
5.  Westworld on HBO.  If you are a sci-fi junkie, this one is for you.  Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, and hottie James Marsden star in this series that follows the “dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin”.  Huh?  Watch it, you’ll get it….or you might not 😉 Try the first episode for free by going here.
Westworld on HBO
6.  Okay, we said 5, but we can’t forget about Friends.  My kids are even binge-watching it these days.  Appropriate?  Probably not, but so funny. And, a great conversation starter with the kids 😉Friends
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