Finding Balance at spyngaFlows

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“Balance” was the word that came to mind after leaving a Spynga® Yin class at spyngaFlows in Chagrin Falls last week.  Too often I find myself leaving a yoga class feeling like I could have expended more energy, or leaving a workout class with tight muscles that desperately need to be stretched.  Spynga® Yin provided the perfect balance of a tough spin workout followed by a Yin yoga class that focused on flexibility (of which I found I have very little) and deep tissue stretching.  I left the class feeling a balance between getting a great cardio workout and also being good to my body by stretching and becoming more flexible.

Spynga, the yoga and cycling philosophy is about living authentically.  We are a community-oriented bunch with a platform for all who are intrigued and interested to explore and remember the deeper aspects of the self through the thrilling art of indoor cycling (a.k.a. spinning) and the ancient practice of yoga and thus live a more balanced, healthy and enriched transparent existence.

Carina Whyte, Program director and owner of spyngaFlows Ohio
Carina, the owner of spyngaFlows taught our  Spynga Yin class.  It was a 75 minute workout made up of 30 minutes of spinning and 45 minutes of yin yoga.  The spin portion was quite a ride.  We climbed hills, rode the open road and accomplished some jumps.  The music took me back in time and gave me something to think about other than my tired legs.  The class was challenging yet doable.  Carina rocked as an instructor by being encouraging, knowledgeable and by providing a great workout.  By the time the spin class was over, we were more than ready to move to the Yin part of class.
Yin yoga is taking poses and really grounding down into them.  Taking time to stretch and lengthen.  You hold the stretch or pose much longer than traditional power yoga classes.  Doing this gave me time to really feel what my body was telling me and gave me time to focus on a particular spot.  The class ended with light stretches and a quick  aromatherapy neck and shoulder rub from the instructor.  I must say, this was such a special way to end a beautiful class.  I felt worked out, stretched out and cared for all at the same time.  Thank you to spyngaFlows and Carina for an awesome way to start our day!
spyngaFlows Chagrin Falls, OH
We highly recommend you give spyngaFlows a try.  There is something for everyone as they offer many different types of classes including different types of yoga, different levels of spin, a combination of spin and yoga, and a combination of spin and strength.  Check out their class offerings and descriptions here.  We will be back to test the waters on other classes as well.  Right now spyngaFlows is offering an introductory offer for an unlimited month of classes for $50 – which can be purchased here.  Sounds like a good deal to us!
After class, Carina was headed to Nestle headquarters to give a meditation class to employees.  Please consider this for your business.  Well employees make for a happy place of business!
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