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Feel the burn!  That is what you’ll experience when you try an Alter’d Core class.  If you are up for a challenge and you want to actually feel the changes going on in your body, then this is the workout for you.  It’s fun and body changing all at once!
Classes at Alter’d Core in Hudson will challenge your muscles, strengthen your core, and help your body burn calories throughout the day.  Alter’d CORE offers small group training sessions, where certified personal trainers, trained in the Lagree Fitness Method (LFM), ensure that you use proper form on their Megaformer M3K machines.

The Lagree Fitness method incorporates five basic elements; cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility in each and every move.  In addition, it also works on core strength, balance, and like any exercise is good for your overall mental health.  The beauty of all of this is that it offers a low-impact exercise which is safe on your joints, spine, and connective tissue.  If you want to get stronger, tone up your core, blast fat and burn calories, we recommend trying Alter’d Core.

You don’t walk out feeling like you had a hard cardio session – more like a tough weight training session!  This workout will keep those calories burning all day long –  even better than a run that only burns calories while you’re doing it! It’s a yes from me!  Get in there and try it out! – Ashlee
The workout slowly pushes each of your muscle groups to fatigue.  It’s highly effective – based on my sore inner thighs the next day.  I never was out of breath, but I was sweating and my muscles were often shaking by the end of each movement.  It’s a great workout! – Libby

Check out the video below of one of the Alter’d Core trainers, Caroline, performing some of the typical LFM moves.  We need to warn you though, they are a LOT harder than they look:
[wpvideo SJqKECCq]

Alter’d Core classes start August 20th!  Don’t miss out! View their website for pricing and more details.


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