Basil Tomato Parmigiana Hummus

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Basil Tomato Parmigiana Hummus

We just served this to a small gathering of women at our neighborhood luncheon and it was a hit!  Ashlee surrounded the dip with cucumber slices and a spoon.  She also placed a bowl of pita chips on the side.  Everyone scooped up the dip with the cucumbers and we were left with a lot of pita chips.  With a different group (we are thinking tweens and teens) the pita chips would probably be devoured.  We like giving your guests the option to choose for themselves 😊.


Garlic hummus
Fresh pesto (buy or make)
Chopped tomatoes
Freshly grated parmesan cheese


Spread the garlic hummus on your serving plate. Lightly spread the pesto on top of your hummus layer.  Place your chopped tomatoes on top of the pesto layer.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.  Freshly grated looks prettier and tastes better!  Serve with cucumbers & pita chips (if gluten isn’t a problem).
This is an easy recipe that requires few ingredients and is healthy!  Appetizers don’t always have to make us feel guilty!

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