UNDONE BEAUTY Has Done it Again

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UNDONE BEAUTY has come up with this amazing idea of Holographic Mascara.  Great idea right?  The product is called UNDONE BEAUTY Light on Mascara which has light reflecting particles to make those lashes gleam.  


UNDONE BEAUTY Light on Mascara also has conditioning caster oil to condition your lashes.  And, it’s ophthalmologist tested, so it’s safe for contact lens wearers too.
I tried it and loved it!  It went on with no clumps and gave both thickness and length to my lashes.  As a bonus, the light reflectors added just a hint of glam.  Its pretty much magic.


Haven’t heard of UNDONE BEAUTY before? Not surprising.  It’s a new brand of affordable, luxury cosmetics & accessory products available on Amazon.  They taut “doing more for less”.  This mascara proves it.
UNDONE BEAUTY uses trusted natural ingredients to add skincare benefits with each use.  And, it’ vegan and cruelty-free too.  Check out some of the other products UNDONE BEAUTY has to offer.

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