Top Three Grapefruit Drinks

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This season is all about grapefruit flavors. Here are our top picks of grapefruit flavored wines and drinks:

  1.  For $10.99 this grapefruit flavored rosé can’t be beat.

NV Ruby Red Rose

NV Ruby Red Rose Grapefruit, France (750ml)

2.  This Secco Grapefruit Pompelini from Trader Joe’s is dry like a prosecco but has a hint of grapefruit that gives it a nice, fresh taste.  We love it because it isn’t sweet.

Secco Grapefruit Pompelini from Trader Joes
Secco Grapefruit Pompelini from Trader Joes

3. If you are looking for a gluten-free, non-sugary drink, Cutwater Spirits has created the perfect Paloma in a can.

Paloma Cocktail by Cutwater
Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail

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