Festive Boozy Pops

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Festive boozy pops

Our friend Allison put us to the task of recreating these Fourth of July boozy popsicles that she found in a magazine recently.  Always willing to accept a challenge, Ashlee recreated these Festive Boozy Pops with moonshine, berries and lemon ice.  What a great way to enjoy a hot Fourth of July party!

Ingredients (makes 8 small or 6 large popsicle)

  • Strawberries (6-8)*
  • Lemon ice or sherbet (1-2 cups)*
  • Moonshine (6-8 oz)* – divided into 3 equal portions
  • Popsicle molds

*The portions listed are approximates based on mold size and how boozy you want your popsicles.


Have your popsicle molds ready to go.  We used smaller molds that we picked up from Walmart recently, but recommend using larger molds like these.
First layer:  Blend strawberries with 1/3 portion of booze. We used moonshine which turned out great! It’s okay to keep this layer on the thicker side to prevent the layers from mixing.   Add this first layer to fill 1/3 of each mold.
Second layer: Use sherbet or lemon ice.  We used lemon ice and were happy with the look and flavor.  Blend with 1/3 portion of booze.   Then place this layer on top of previous layer in the mold.
Third layer: Blend blueberries with the last portion of booze.  Again, its okay to keep this layer on the thicker side also to prevent layers from mixing.  Top off each mold.  Add sticks/lids.
Freeze and enjoy this fun Fourth of July treat with family and friends!

As you see in our picture below the popsicles look great but the strawberry and lemon ice layer mixed a bit more than we would have liked since the molds were so small.  This is why we recommend the regular-sized molds.  In any case, they were delish!

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