Two Great Affordable Sticky Bras for Summer

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It’s that time of the year again, when we pull out our summer wardrobe filled with tanks and sundresses and find ourselves trying to tuck in our bra straps or sport those uncomfortable strapless bras.  I recently bought the white tank top from J Crew that we posted about in May and a red, tie-string sundress from Vici Collection, my new favorite online shopping stop of late.  The Vici sundress has tie straps with a a really, low-cut back so not only do I have to worry about bra straps, I have to avoid a bra strap going across my back too.  Hmmmm.
I went online to find a solution to this bra dilemma only to find an overwhelming option of bra choices.  I mean really, the options are endless; strapless, bandeau, bralette, backless bra, convertible, corset, racerback, criss-cross, multi-way, plunge-demi, and the list goes on.   None of these were offering a great option for me, so I decided it was time to strap on a pair….well, actually, not so much a pair – but a bra.  It was time for the sticky bra!
In my search for the perfect summer, sticky bra, I read reviews, looked at different sticky bra styles, and compared prices.  Not the most thorough approach, but we’re still a young blog and don’t have sticky bra companies sending samples ad nauseam.  I selected a few and wore them to multiple events over the Memorial Day holiday which in Cleveland was actually a hot weekend (perfect for testing sticky bras).
Ultimately, I found two sticky bras to recommend.  Both were affordable, easy to use, and functional.  Keep in mind ladies, that I am not well-endowed in this area – so my primary purpose for a sticky bra was coverage, a natural look, and a little padding.  Both bras that I found added minimal support – so for you fuller ladies, I have heard it on good authority that NuBra is for you.
The first bra I would recommend is Holisouse Strapless Sticky Bra Backless Self Adhesive Invisible Push Up Reusable Bra with Drawstring – what a mouthful for such a small bra.

Affordable Holihouse Sticky Bra
Holisouse Bra

For $14.99, this bra comes with a little padding, a drawstring to bring you together to add a little cleavage, and an adhesive that can be reused again and again (don’t forget to keep your plastic backing!).
I was worried that the strings would be noticeable in my white tank, but they weren’t.  The trick was applying the bra and getting it right the first time.  The adhesive is pretty sticky, so you can’t move the bra around once applied.  Once I pushed myself together , applied the bra and pulled the strings I was set for the night.  I did notice that it was on, and that pulling the strings didn’t add that much cleavage, but I wasn’t pulling it up all night like I do with most strapless bras and it was comfortable and stayed on both times I wore it (both were hot days).  This is a keeper.
The second sticky bra I am recommending is Asimoon Strapless Bra, Adhesive Invisible Silicone Backless Reusable Bras for Women ($12.99).

Asimoon Bra

This was my favorite and most comfortable.  Only problem I had was that the silicone pads were mostly clear, making them a little too see-thru for my white tank – if you get what I mean.    So, I don’t recommend it for anything white or light.  None-the-less it was perfect with my red sundress.  The adhesive bra was comfortable, looked natural and stayed in place all day – even on a hot day.
I’m glad I have both and will be using these all summer.  In fact, I think it might be time to retire the strapless bras.  I always looked a little silly pulling them up all night anyway 😉
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