Copycat Pink Drink for Your Teens

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Copycat Pink Drink My kids like the Pink Drink at Starbucks so I wanted to find a way to make it for them without all the cost. I know they will still get the actual drink from Starbucks –  because let’s face it, it’s the whole experience as much as it is getting the drink.  But it can be fun for them to make their own at home (and cheaper too!) Starbucks Copycat Pink Drink Recipe: Directions: Fill a cup with ice.  Pour in 3/4 tea, approx. 1 oz syrup, and top it off with a creamer of your choice. Then to make it fun, add fresh strawberries ( or freeze dried strawberries work too), shake and drink!  Add this drink to a cool cup with a lid and a straw! I’m thinking this could also be a great birthday basket for your teen or one of their friends.
Tazo Iced Passion
Tazo Iced Passion – $13.16
Torani Sugar Free Vanilla
Torani Sugar Free Vanilla – $12
Mother Earth Freeze Dried Strawberries – $14.95
Maars Tumbler 4 pk
Maars Tumbler 4 pk – $15.99
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  1. inukun7

    Hey I just say this and I love it! I’ll try making it for sure but I also made a post yesterday about my version if you want to check it