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Several years ago, looking at Mother’s Day cards at a big chain store, Whitney Ralston Adelman felt frustrated with the poor card selection and high prices.  “I had always been creative and I knew I could do better.”  So, Whitney began what she described as “doodling” and created six cards.  She showed these cards to a local boutique and they were interested in selling them.  Encouraged by their interest, Whitney kept working to round out her line. 
Not long after, the boutique called to tell her someone was interested in her Ohio print.  From there she began to expand her line of products to include framed prints, t-shirts, and onesies.
Starting her company,  Inked & Dotted, Whitney took a lot of advice from people with different ideas of how to expand her line.  “It took time to figure out what was working and selling”  Once, she did, she was able to  streamline her product line to what it is today. Inked & Dotted’s products include cards, framed prints, apparel, bags, ornaments, and custom design work.  New this year, Whitney has added recipe cards, custom invitations, and fill-in-the-blank invitations for showers and parties.  When asked to describe her company, Whitney told us,

“Inked & Dotted is a stationery company – but I would say that everything I make starts with pen and paper.  It’s my original artwork.”

With the growing trend of pop-up business opportunities and an appreciation for hand-crafted items, Whitney has experienced a growth in Inked & Dotted sales.
As a Michigan native, Whitney  talked to us about her Ohio line,   “I’m not from Ohio, I’m really grateful. People are really creative, interesting, and investing in local companies.”
Speaking of Ohio, here are a few of the markets, where Whitney will be selling her Inked & Dotted products this spring and summer:
March 24 – 25, Junk Bash, Columbus
April 21, The Cleveland Flea
April 27-29, Vintage Market Days, Columbus
May 12, The Cleveland Flea
June 1-3, Vintage Market Days – Dayton/Xema
She will be announcing more dates soon, so be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, be sure to check out Inked & Dotted cards and framed prints!  She has a wide array of beautifully designed cards to uniquely show your appreciation to your mom (and in some cases your sense of humor like the card above).  Cards are available for just about every occasion.
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