Great Eyeliner for Winged Eyes with Video Tutorial

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Superhero Eyeliner by it Cosmetics

Who doesn’t want that killer winged eyeliner look for the holidays?  Well I do!  I found this amazing liner by it cosmetics, it really is the easiest to apply, skinny line or thick and it doesn’t budge!  No kidding, I slept in it and my liner looked pretty sweet the next morning!  This was just a test though,  I really recommend you wash your face each night before bed.
Cyber Monday Specials:
The eyeliner is $24, but if you need additional it cosmetics, here is a 20% coupon good for Cyber Monday.

It’s also available at Ulta.  Ulta is offering $10 off your purchase of $50 for certain product lines on Cyber Monday, including it cosmetics.  Otherwise, you can buy it directly through Amazon.
How Do You Keep That Line from Turning Down?
Don’t let your eyeliner turn down around your eye which creates a sad-looking eye.  This tutorial shows you how to apply liquid eyeliner to get that perfect winged look  – even for a mature eye.
Sidenote: The video recommends using a piece of tape to get a perfect line – that was  a bit much for me, but I did use her tips on turning the wing upward and it was very useful for puffy, creased, and/or aging eyes (all of which applied to me this Thanksgiving holiday 🙂 ).

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