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The volunteer fire department building in Cleveland that MANCAN resides in dates all the way back to 1854.  In spite of this, everything that exists within the space is modern, innovative, and decisively hip.  Several years ago, the Veyseys bought the fire station, renovated it, moved into one of the fire station bays and opened up the rest to small businesses.  Today, the Veyseys have moved from the fire station, but it still houses a handful of small businesses including MANCAN Wine.
Hingetown Firestation
MANCAN was created one night while Graham sat at a local Cleveland bar with his friend.   In the mood for wine, not beer, Graham wondered why he couldn’t drink it from a can.  The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea.  That night he registered the domain and shortly after MANCAN wine was born.  
MANCAN’s philosophy is simple.  “We didn’t want it to be persnickety” Graham told us as we sat in one of the offices that used to be the men’s shower at the fire station.  There are three types of MANCAN wines currently available; White Wine, Red Wine, and Fizz.  Rosé will be hitting the shelves next spring.  All of the wines are non-vintage and non-varietal.   “We wanted it to have a consistent taste profile, year after year, can after can, just like beer.”  

Gracey the dog
The infamous Gracey that you’ll find on each MANCAN label.

So now you’re probably thinking, how good could wine in a can really be? Well, we got a group of our friends to try it and everyone in the group was surprisingly impressed.   Personally, I prefer red as my wine of choice, and found this seemingly simple red wine to be unexpectedly smooth.  Ashlee liked them all too, but more of a Prosecco drinker herself, found Fizz to be her favorite.  
You don’t have to just take our word for it.  MANCAN Fizz was awarded Gold Medal Winner from Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America.  Wine Enthusiast described MANCAN White as “ slightly dark in color, smells and tastes nicely fruity and has vanilla and cream accents. It’s full-bodied, soft and smooth on the palate.”   They described Fizz with “plenty of rich fruit flavors and a buttery note. Lively bubbles settle into the smooth, creamy texture, leaving an overall impression of easygoing enjoyment.”  Better yet, Wine Enthusiast designates MANCAN White and Fizz as “Best Buys”.  

Mancan display
Look for a MANCAN display near you.

Like me, you may be wondering how the metal can will affect the wine.  Rest assure, there is no metal taste.  All of their cans have a special lining on the interior so the wine never touches the aluminum.  As Graham described it to us, “As soon as someone tastes it, there’s that wow moment.”  
The idea behind MANCAN is to not take yourself too seriously.  “When you are cracking open a can, you should have a smile on your face.”  MANCAN’s target audience is millennials and soccer dads, but they are finding that 42% of people purchasing the wine are women.  We weren’t surprised at that.  After all, it was a  female friend that recommended Nearly All Things try MANCAN in the first place.
MANCAN Wine is a dichotomy in so many ways.  It sells at a low price point, but is a high-quality wine.  It was made for men, but women like it just as well. It’s made with a carefree spirit, but is designed to be consistent can after can. 
So our recommendation to you is to try MANCAN.  While it’s great for drinking with your friends at sporting events, over a game of bowling, around a campfire or at  picnic, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing it with your significant other on a cold night in front of a fire…with a slice of pizza 🙂
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