Power Up Without Caffeine – A Superfood Coffee Alternative

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If you’re like me, you need an extra boost in the afternoon but hate that jittery effect coffee can give you at that time of day.  Here’s a great alternative that provides the caffeine you crave, lacks the jittery effect and has a host of other benefits.  Macaccino Roasted Maca Blend is a superfood coffee alternative.  It’s made with Maca (you know the one in our favorite hormone balancing smoothie).  Check out the benefits of maca below.

Mix this superfood powder (I used Macaccino Original Mocha) with hot water, a little creamer, and a pinch of cinnamon on top.  Tastes just like coffee!

I found a smaller pack at my local grocery store.   But, there are a lot of other flavors and size options at Amazon, including Original MochaMagical Mint, Medium Roast, and Black and Red Deep Roast.

Benefits of Maca*:

-18 amino acids
-Increased energy
-Balances the endocrine system
-Provides menopausal and menstrual relief
-Improves hyperthyroidism
-Clears skin and complexion
-Improves sexual function
-Promotes restful sleep
-Supports muscle growth and recovery
-Balances hormones, reduces stress (cortisol)
-Aids in healthy bone and tissue support

Comparison of Macaccino to Matcha Green Tea, coffee, and energy drinks.
*Studies have shown that people have experienced these benefits from Maca consumption

Macaccino is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Verified Gluten-Free, and Vegan.  Find a flavor you like, try it and let us know –  but keep your libido to yourself 😉
Disclaimer:  By purchasing through the links on this page, we may get a small commission – so if you plan to buy Macaccino, help a sista’ out and purchase through our links 🙂

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