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S*Town logoOn our drive to Michigan,  we started listening to the podcast S-Town from Serial and This American Life.  If you haven’t listened to a podcast yet – this is the one for you. (If you have already listened to Serial, what are you waiting for?)
The podcast is a seven part series narrated by Brian Reed, the host of S-Town who is investigating a possible murder that John B. McLemore claims happened in his small hometown of Woodstock, Alabama, which he has renamed S-Town (the “S” stands for “shit”).
Without giving too much away, this compelling series turns into so much more than a murder, as you begin to learn more about the complex main character known by most as “John B.”  Don’t rush too quickly to judgement on John B, like we did (shame on us).  There is so much more to him than one could ever imagine by just hearing his voice.  With each episode, we learn a new facet of this complicated man’s life.  And in turn, we start to understand some of his decisions that affect his life and the lives of so many people surrounding him.
It’s a good reminder to not judge a person because you can’t possibly understand their life unless you’ve lived it.
We can’t say enough about this podcast and highly recommend that you listen to it!  This true story was twisted and riveting.  We think it would make an amazing movie too!  Calling Hollywood?
Listen here:
Don’t be one of the last to listen – it had 10 million downloads on the first four days of its release alone!  Highly recommended!
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